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Hantu Tetek (Breast Ghost)

I’m not sure whether most of you will think this is a joke or what but this type of ghost really existed many years ago as explained by my Malay friends. I personally feel it worth to be attacked by this ghost if what they said is correct :D. How about you if you meet Hantu Tetek?

Hantu Tetek - The Malays call it Hantu Tetek which means ‘Breast Ghost’ when translated to English. This ghost is a female ghost and has a huge breasts. She uses her breasts to attack its victim and make full use of her huge breasts to suffocate them to death. Some says, the Hantu Tetek’s breasts is at the back instead of the front. There are many different version of how this ghost came about. Some people says she is actually a Balinese witch.