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The Old House On Hampton Road

To start this off, it happened a few years ago when we first moved in (2-3 years). I was about 10 years old when we first moved into the house. It was over 100 years old and was the house of my mom's boyfriend's family for years and years. Almost his whole family lived here including his grandmother and grandfater. When we first moved in the house was normal.

Until one night my brother was baby-sitting me because my mom and her boyfriend (lets just call him John) went on a date together. They just started dateing not long ago. I was downstairs watching tv when for some reason I went into the shoe room (dont remember why.) and opened the door to get there, then was about to open the door to get outside when in the corner was a man (all I could see was a face from where I was, hardly could even make it out.) It said something loudly. I screamed and ran upstairs to my brother. He came down and nothing was there. Nothing really happened after that.

Then after a few years, just last Christmas I got an Ouija board from my brother. (then I just turned 13 and now I still am and almost 14.) After what happened I got into ghosts and Ouija board and knew what would happen it I used one. I went upstairs to try it out, lights off, door closed. So I started.

"Is anyone there?"

No answer. This went on for 20 minutes when it started saying "no" for everything. I said goodbye and packed it up. Then I got a headache and sweaty. I couldn't move. Then my brother came in and asked me a question which has nothing to do with this so I won't bother to add it in...

After then, I had a doll where there was a smaller one in it then anoter and another. It's head started moving around. Creeped me out. After a few months I had a dream about it. (I know, the rules says no dream stories but then this part won't make much sense.)

It showed a man, I knew he was dead and he was next to my room (bros room). Then I was downstairs and so was John. It was around 12 am so my mom was upstairs sleeping. John was in the bathroom brushing his teeth with the door wide open. I was sitting down then got up to go to my room. Then I seen a dog in front of me. I looked back at John and said

"do you see it!"


"The dog, we don't have one, where did it come from?" I said

"what do?" he said back.

I looked at John and I looked back in front of me and it was gone. Then it showed the dog and old man in my brother's room and a old lady (wife) crying for their deaths. She was in black clothing. Then I woke up...

I only told one friend whose family (on dads side) could tell when a natural disaters was about to happen, about it. Then we used the Ouija board together.

"Hello, is there anyone here."


"Are you the sun or the moon?"

(forget what it said)

*kept talking*

"Are you here with us now?"


"can we stop?" Mary asked.


Then she went on the bed and I to my desk.

"chelsea?" Mary asked (I'm chelsea)


"theres something touching my leg."

I went over then the light next to my bed started flickering. I told her to run downstaris and she did. I looked around then shut my light off then closed my door and went downstaris. Most of the time when we used the Ouija board it didn't say anything. That time was different.

After a few months I started seeing black shadows on the ground which was dog size and went past fast. (saw one when I was 10) and even now I do.

Then this happened the other week.

My friend who is clairavoyant came over, her name was Ally. (BTW, all names except mine are fakes.)

When she first came over, we brough milk to my room. Then she said scared.

"Chelsea! Did you just drop your milk!"


She looked down and nothing was there. "I felt something cold around my foot but it wasn't like cold air." (told her about the dog afterwards.)

Ally and I started useing the Ouija board. We lit a candle, closed the door and lights off. But before she set up some traps. We set up my Ipod to use to film everything. We started, nothing happened. We looked at the camera and it was too dark and faced wrong way to catch anything but we heard tapping sounds but we didn't hear it while we used the ouija board. Then we tried again and used my laptop as an audio recorder and set up the film closer to us.

We asked questons; no answer. Then we listened to the audio, nothing but my voice asking questions. The parts where no one said anything, I amplifyed it. There was a mans voice whispering. Wasn't from downstairs and nothing was on in my room. He said stuff like she was very close to me and yes. We went downstairs to show my mom at first she didn't believe us then she looked over at John with a wierd look on her face.

John then told us, "my grandmother and grandfather lived here. He died in this house."

"Did they have a dog which died here too?" I asked him (my dream, why I had to add it in)


I looked at her and explained to everyone about the dream. We went upstairs and I noticed one of her traps had been triggerd. The piece of paper in the closet door, the end of it had been folded. Then I looked at the film. In it was so amazing yet creepy. Right beside me, infront of the closet were arms and fingers. They were lit up and it was the reflection of anything and it moved. Once we finished and I moved a bit it went away. We showed them that too.

Then the next day she left and my mom, brother and I had to go to NS from family and John went away with his friends to Magic Mountain. I left 2 bowls of cat food from Kelikea, and filled up her water dish too. (also fresh litter).

When we came back her food bowl, nothing was eaten outta it and her water dish, all there and there was no poop/pee in the litter. And she's a gluton! She looked sketched out.

This was just 2 days ago we came back. She won't get off of the side tables or coffee tables or couch and she won't go on the floor. She looks around a lot and when she does leave, she only goes on the window ledge in the kitchen and she runs to get there. She meows a lot. The first night we came back, my mom fell asleep on the couch. My cat, for some reason made a lot of noises and meowed like crazy which woke my mom, brother and I up. We went down there and pet her for a few minutes and went back to bed. When we tried to bring her upstairs she just ran back down and hid on the couch looking sketched out again. I'm afraid she might die of starvation or something.

Just today I was cleaning my room and felt the dog walk by me. I heard banging sounds from the attic. It scares me because my cat is always scared, it scares me, also.

For some reason it only makes itself noticed around me!

I'm the only one that hears banging in the house and hears footsteps at night cause during the the I'm always home alone and at night I'm the last to fall asleep. I'm the only on who sees these black shadow the size of the dog everyday and see the white mist the size of the old man. I feel like I went crazy! I cried the other night, hearing my cat crying inside when I was outside. Knowing something might happen to her and that only I can see them. They seem to be attached to me, mostly the dog for some reason. And beacuse this only happens to me mostly, we won't move. When I tell my mom something that just happened to me (in text) she just says "its ok:) "

I know if it had wanted to hurt us it would by now. It wants me to help them I know it, I can feel it. I read before that most spirits are attached to thoses with psychic abilities (I have dreams which comes true and this wierd thing in my head shows me where something is with a wierd picture.) Anyways I'm only 13 and I'm really scared.

It won't stop making banging sounds (soft, like someone is walking around) and I know the dog is with me now cause it always follows me around. My mom won't allow me to get a priest to come by. So I don't know what to do, I need help.