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Heart broken

Love is just a feeling that you get when two people really like each other, and personally I found it. On the other hand when you lose the one you love it’s a terrible feeling. Losing love is like losing a heart or a very important thing. Now when I look back on the things in my life I really didn’t find love it found me and I just lost it. Now for yall other teenagers out there when you fall in love don’t ever do anything stupid. Guys stick to talking to yall homies, and girls stick to talking to yall girlfriends. It’s the best thing to do, in my case I didn’t do that and I messed my relationship up and it hurts me badly to tell yall about it but like I said don’t mess it up it’s the best thing to do. If you love someone to death you will take my word, follow it, and spread it. This is just part of life, I watch all the happy couples and wonder why my relationship aint like theirs. Then I found out why it aint I got a problem of now sticking to one person that I love. But I found her and I’m going to do everything I can to get her back in my life. So teens just hear me out don’t ever be like me. Thanks for listen.